The good Italian everyday wine from the hills of Piacenza

Winemaking is the daily history of Gazzola family: wines of Colli Piacentini from over a century

Massimo Gazzola vineyards on the hills of Vicobarone

Massimo Gazzola produces typical wines of Colli Piacentini, the hilly territory of Piacenza. Both the vineyards and the cellar are are in Vicobarone of Ziano Piacentino, on the borders with the first hills of Oltrepo’ Pavese.

All of the vineyards are included in the DOC of Colli Piacentini. They grow on the hills around the cellar in the best positions of the area, this allows to reduce chemical difences and to keep grass in the vineyards. We grow authocthous grapes of the territory giving birth to typical wines: the white Ortrugo and Malvasia from, the red Gutturnio, Bonarda and Barbera.

The taste of Italian tradition in the wines of Massimo Gazzola.

Massimo Gazzola carries on the tradition of his father and his grandfather: he grows the vineyards and produces wine following every step of the work. In his wines modern technologies connect with ancient winemaking methods.