The good Italian everyday wine from the hills of Piacenza

Vigne a Vicobarone

The Tidone valley, a territory of great winemaking traditions

Massimo Gazzola’s winery produces typical wines from the Piacenza hills in Vicobarone di Ziano Piacentino, on the last hills of Emilia Romagna on the border with Oltrepo ‘Pavese.
We are located in Val Tidone, which has always been an area of production of table grapes and wine, so much so that it belongs to one of the first Italian Designations of Origin, that of the Piacenza Hills.
Here we have our cellar, modern, welcoming and equipped.

The good daily wine of Massimo Gazzola winery

All the vineyards of the Massimo Gazzola winery are registered with the DOC existing in the province of Piacenza. Here our wines are born: the red Gutturnio DOC and the white Ortrugo DOC, but also the characteristic wines of the Colli Piacentini appellation: Barbera, Bonarda and Malvasia.
They are mainly sparkling wines, with a not excessive alcohol content and suitable for daily consumption. But we also offer some still and slightly more structured wines for your special occasions.

The winery has grown over time with the work of one generation after another

Ours is a medium-sized winery and is still managed mainly by the family: from the care of the vineyards, to harvesting and processing, from bottling to the sale and distribution of wines.
All this to guarantee the consumer a good daily wine at the right price.