Massimo Gazzola, wines and vines in Vicobarone

Our vineyards on Piacenza hills

Vigne in primavera

Our vineyards develop on the hilly territory of Piacenza, in the Tidone Valley. They are all included in the DOC of our are: Gutturnio, Ortrugo and Colli Piacentini (Piacenza Hills). We grow the authocthous grapes of Piacenza: the white grapes Ortrugo and Aromatic Candia Malvasia, the red grapes Bonarda and Barbera.

In the last 20 years our vineyards have been renewed to allow mechanical vine-growing and mechanical grape harvesting. A little part of our grapes are still harvested by hand but the use of mechanical marvester perfectly suits our need for quality work since all of our vineyards grow just around the cellar and grapes can reach the cellar in a very short time in harvest time. This ensures our clients the quality in the winemaking process and at the end the quality of our wines but at a lower price.

Since 2008 we opted for Integrated Pest Control (IPC). Our vineyards grow in the best positions of our area, this allows us to reduce chemical difences and to keep grass in the rows between the plants.

Our vineyards in all seasons