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Bonarda, still wine

Bonarda fermo

Designation: Bonarda DOC Colli Piacentini

Grapes: Croatina (locally said Bonarda) 100%

Alcohol: 12 %

Description: this sweetish and sparkling wine is made from selected bonarda grapes typical of Piacenza, the color is deep ruby red, at the nose it presents the characteristic and pleasant fragrance of almond.

Food matching: due to its characteristics, this sparkling Bonarda is an excellent dessert wine to serve at the end of the dinner, it also accompanies well the rich and tasty meats of Emilian tradition (salami, coppa, ham, bacon, etc.) or for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

Serving temperature: slightly fresh, better around 12/14°

This still wine accompanies with intensity the dishes of winter cuisine